Ashlé Dawson’s “Idía™” Latin Fusion is a seamless blend of Latin dance styles from street to ballroom met with a strong emphasize on commercial dance. Experience the creativity and originality of this style, which is based on Ashles years of extensive knowledge and training in multiple dance fields. Starting with a full warm up for proper alignment and core strength, we’ll move to an intro to Latin movement and styling. Each week you will be introduced to a new world of dance including Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Cha Cha Cha, Afro-Cuban, Cumbia, Samba and more. You will apply familiar foundations ranging from jazz to hip hop. This class will help any dancer work on their dynamics and while adding something new to their versatility skill set and increased cultural expansion. Heels for the ladies are strongly encouraged but will not always be required depending on the weeks focus.

Find your inner ninja. This class will bring you to a deeper level of understanding body alignment, weight shifting, placement, and release technique. Each exercise is precisely instructed and broken down allowing the student to visually understand the material before physically executing it. Develop core strength, new movement vocabulary and proper safety to execute tricks to, from, and on the floor. This class is a compliment to any dance background or concentration. Long sleeves and pants are HIGHLY recommended.

This class is for everyone. Strong focus and demand for proper technique, alignment, shaping and development of legit core strength will be demonstrated and taught. Combos will range from slow, dramatic, and emotional to quirky, funky, and at times avant-garde. The dancer will learn to let go of doubts while pushing themselves and enjoying the actual process of learning, not focused on the final execution of choreography.

With extensive experience in the commercial dance world, Ashlé brings a blend of both NY and LA vibes into her class and choreography. The combos will focus on helping the dancer understand where dynamics come from, individuality in their movement, picking up new styles quickly, and working to develop natural stage presence that is essential to work commercially. Many times class will incorporate an “audition” like guided freestyle to help prepare the dancer for what to expect while auditioning.

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